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lg refrigerator compressor problems

LFX25991ST LG Refrigerator - Compressor Failed, Out of Luck? I wasted three hours calling Sears and affiliates to schedule service tech. The repairman said he sees at least one of these a week. The refrigerator completely stopped cooling 1 year and 5 days after purchase. LG wants to pass along the fault to the place of purchase. The tech informed us that he had been running across this issue several times, stating that before or right at the 1 year manufactured warranty the LG motors were going bad. On November 13,2018 ice maker stopped working and food in freezer started thaw Out. Tech said compressor was burning hot (huge fire potential?). The next appointment was 3 weeks away so we hired a repair service that came out much quicker. The repair places around here stopped because they would replace parts and the frig still didn't work. How to test the Inverter board in lg fridge that has one board combining motherboard and inveter board,and how many wires should come down to the compressor in this lg system ?Â, how many wires should come down to the compressor in this lg system ?Â, Are you talking about a linear compressor or a BLDC compressor? It works in conjunction with the compressor unit of the refrigerator and if it is not working properly or not working at all it will prevent the compressor unit from working properly or not at all. Only part is covered under warranty. Tech support check and schedule tech to come out today. Purchased a Kenmore Elite bottom freezer refridgerator model 795-7313 at Sears. I saw Theresa recall on some of the LG and Kenmore refrigerator but it should be all with linear compressors. So we pray it holds out because that's a chunk of change that we just don't have at the drop of a hat. Good thing Sears is in bankruptcy, as I will never buy another Sears product. We had to pay for two service calls for same problem and refrigerator still wouldn't freeze. Our 2019 survey shows that LG French-doors are an outlier for compressor problems, with 8 percent of LG French-doors in our sample having such problems, compared with 3 percent of refrigerators overall. Is this covered under the recall?  Any body have any thoughts on this issue. The extended warranty has expired so now I am paying out of pocket for the same repairs. June 2019 does not work, lost everything in it. I was then advised to go to Schedular chat on Monday. I spoke to a local repair shop and they've seen nothing but issues with the linear compressors. My Kenmore Elite refrigerator purchased July 2019 stopped working over 2 weeks (now going onto 3 weeks) ago and since I have extended warranty, I placed a call for service. I already paid around $2400 for the refrigerator. Still may 9th. I'm not sure if these variable speed compressors always run this quit but it did.  Needless to say it never cooled and at this point I was diagnosing the fridge to have a refrigerant leak some where in the system. They don't. That is absurd the fridge is almost new. I bought my kenmore refrigerator 3/2018, the compressor stopped working since last Friday 1/10/2020. I purchase a Kenmore elite refrigerator in 2016 3 yrs. Is this covered under the recall? When this happens, the fridge … COMPRESSOR wnt out 10 weeks ago. Waited 3 months for 2 repair appointments - sears will not cover the defective compressors because they only have 1 year warranty. The defect CODE shows on the Refrigerator and Freezer Display. None available. The fan runs. It's a scam to sell off the lemon appliances, and I fell in the trap, and now I'm stuck with an appliance which needs quarterly maintenance and repairs. I freaked out and after much research and 100's of calls had a tech come out on 8/14. 3 months without a fridge! I would have thought that a (formerly) good company would stand behind their product. Refrigerator stopped working over a week ago still waiting on Sears to replace compressor that is under warranty. I have a LG refrigerator model #LMX28987ST. 795.74023.411 on 8/7/2015. (about 2008). According to the class-action suit, the issues with LG’s refrigerators stem primarily from a problem with the linear compressor that the company uses. After reading what everyone has gone thru, I don’t know if I want them to come out now. I called the corporate office this morning and was sent back to the same customer service number. LG KNOWN by another name...KENMORE ELITE. My Kenmore Elite 74015 30.6 cu. Serial # 305KRZH1U677 We purchased this French door refrigerator from a local furniture store currently out of business in 2014. My fridge barely lasted two years. After reading everything I can find on internet, I think I’m screwed! Really? A big part of that is the condenser fan which moves the air across the condenser coils which cools the air. I purchased a LG refrigerator in 2006 and been having problems with it every since. The LG repairman came today and check the fridge and concluded it is a compressor gone bad. We purchased it again the following year, and again. + we had to pay for a $89. I am pretty sure I just got rooked on a lemon model and manufacturer compressor issue that has effected numerous consumers and should be a class action suit if not recalled and replaced. I bought a Kenmore Elite Trio in 2006. Anyhow, in speaking with LG, every single interaction with the brand has been with an overseas employee. The perverter board is held on by a single mounting screw that you remove and then  lift the board off the compressor retaining flange. Check the display of the refrigerator to see if there is an ICE ON / ICE OFF icon.. Look on the ice maker itself, check the left side of the ice maker for the ON/OFF switch. I just discover the ice maker also shorted out and burnt. Both read 60' Fahrenheit. They would not take responsibility and would not put me through to Customer Relations. So it appears that the $2600 refrigerator becomes useless after either 1 or 2 years. I purchased a kenmore Elite refrigerator in August of 2015. Last month the freezer stopped working and the ice maker stopped working. Check the manufacturer's spec for what that exact resistance reading should be. Common problems with LG refrigerators include a failure to get cold, defects with the ice maker, a water dispenser not working, a failure to defrost and becoming too noisy, as of 2015. Didn’t realize how many people have had the same problem with kenmore brand. Anyway, I told support tech about class action lawsuit and any fridge with 10 years on the compressor warranty has 5 years labor and parts. Still not working. If there is a class action suite against LG refrigerator please notify me. Your compressor kicking on and off is what you hear (or don’t hear) at various points during the day – you hear a faint humming noise coming from the fridge, and you know that it’s running. South Korean LG and Samsung refrigerators are typically cheaper to buy and have fairly good sealed-system warranties.The problem is that most likely components of the sealed-system (compressor, evaporator, condenser) will fail and you will have to use that warranty. Then I did some investigating on my own and found the MAGNUSON-MOSS WARRANTY LAW. I have been calling every week trying to schedule a Technician to check it out. We have had this unit for just under 2 years. I gave Sears a call which they charged me $100 again to get their service tech evaluation on the refrigerator failure and they gave me an appointment a week out which turned into two weeks before a tech was able to see and repair the refrigerator. What is going on? I always bought appliances from Sears and even worked at one location as one point. serial # 702KRJUO3228.I have bought a lot of LG products but after this I won't. The start relay is a small device mounted to the side of the compressor. LG Refrigerator Not Cooling ... Next, the start relay may be faulty. Apr 10, 2020. I called Sears and they said they have to fix everything it could be before they would replace compressor!! vasiliy; Jul 15, 2020; LG; Replies 7 Views 532. L G refrigerators with linear compressers are failing. All three windings should have the exact same resistance. On June 29th, Sears Roebuck and Company of Hoffman Estates, Illinois and LG Electronics of Lincolnshire, Illinois, in conjunction with the Federal Government, announced the recall of approximately 20,000 LG and Kenmore Elite® Trio™ Three door refrigerators. They could have sent a new one by the time this 8 weeks expires and pray this gets resolved then! This is disgraceful and we will never purchase anything from Sears again. My LG French door refrigerator with bottom freezer bought from Sears November 2013 so it lasted almost 6 years BUT now I'm not eligible for the recent five year extension on covering the labor LG recently came out with. I've lost so much food since my purchase and have spent out so much money trying to keep this junk alive and working. He did see notes regarding the seriousness of my situation. Our Kenmore Elite (production in 2016) has stopped cooling and freezing. Tech put his hand on the compressor and said it was way too hot. 1000 dollars to have it fix. It is now 5th year, and I give up. I read in the other comments that these LG's were made in Korea and they were meant to run on butane not Freon is that true? Refrigerator Compressor Fan Stops. In fact, this is one of the ways of checking an inverter compressor: making sure that all three windings have the exact same resistance. Purchased a Kenmore Elite 3 door bottom freezer in 2015. Â. HI Samurai, I am a student also and love your site . This is around 2 years and 1 month. When a defect occurs, the buttons will not operate; but the tones. Both the amplitude (amount) and frequency of the input voltage will vary. The LG Refrigerator Compressor Defect Class Action Lawsuit is Robert Montanye, et al. When asked what do we do to feed our family of five until then, we were told "we can give you a curtesy $!20 to refund the food loss." The refrigerator alone was $2400 and now after just over 2 years the compressor is shot. H. Link for New Refrigerator Recommendation and LG Compressor Piercing Valve Installation. Our service tech from a local LG company is baffeled. If the meter stays at 0 amps, the inverter board is toast-- it's not even trying to start the compressor. Since it was in the middle of our vacations rescheduled, told them we had it checked out by another company, he said it was a compressor and only a sears tech could do the warranty on the compressor. He then told us that we were expected to pay $99 for the visit, plus $146 dollars because the repair job exceeded the $500 limit. Pay a few hundred dollars more and get from Lowe's -- because Sears and KMart only sell lemons! Bought all new Kenmore Elite appliances double oven refrigerator dishwasher microwave trash compactor in November 2017 the dishwashers motherboard went out in January of 2019 cost $400 to repair then the refrigerator a 3 door bottom freezer model number 795. I just want my ice maker fixed and tired of mopping water that leaks through the dispenser, that is going to ruin my new floors. Refrigerator compressor trouble? I would really like to be part of any law suit against LG to try to recoup some of our money. On Sunday 7/3/2016, the inside top bulbs failed too turn off for an undetermined amount of time which resulted in a melted housing, charred sockets, rise in temp and loss of contents. Spent $629 for labor on repairs (compressor was under warranty). In this case, if the MOBO really was bad, then the phase rotation tester wouldn't have shown you anything new because the inverter wasn't putting anything out apparently due to a bad PWM signal from the MOBO. In other words, their refrigerant capacity and motor RPM is constant the entire time it's running. Within the week I had to call LG once again because it had stopped cooling and they sent another repairman out from Sears who said it needed a condensor as well. Then I went on the internet to get suggestions. A start relay and sometimes a start capacitor are used to momentarily power the start winding and then take it out of the circuit once the compressor is up and running. It is just ridiculous how much I have had to go through to get a technician. They came out and replaced the operation panel and it worked for a couple of hours - I called them back and he said the compressor was bad and would keep blowing everything. Automatic diagnosis makes servicing the refrigerator easy. Most inverter boards will repeatedly try to power up the compressor. Was told the compressor overheated & refrigerant leaked out. I called Sears Service Saturday and was advised they would send a tech on 8/24. Approximately six years ago, we purchased a complete kitchen package of Kenmore Elite products - refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and stove. We tried cleaning the coils and is still didn't work. You'll need to backtrack and find the missing voltage. Is there a recall on this. No wonder Sears went bankrupt. To properly experience our website, you will need to use an alternate browser or upgrade to a newer version of internet Explorer (IE10 or greater). The next day a service tech came and said the motor and the fan needed to be replaced and quoted a price of $425. called Sears repair and was told 4 weeks lead time to get a tech to come look at it. History would suggest that we will be in the same position in another 6 months down the road. Cannot reach Sears or the manufacturer. Took 3 repair calls to fix no parts untrained tech. Purchased Kenmore Elite with LG compressor lasted 2.5 years, someone needs to be held accountable! It lets you see at a glance if each phase is present. The guy said he would get a hold of Supervisor. If you're having LG refrigerator problems, you've come to the right place. How annoying for a $3000 refrigerator! You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. But wait...called sears for repair and I get Mar 22!!!!! However, before you make a pricey call to a repair company, some simple DIY troubleshooting can frequently identify the issue with minimal effort.Below, we’ll provide a few simple tips for ensuring your fridge compressor keeps humming along for years to come. Hien Nguyen; Apr 9, 2020; LG; Replies 3 Views 368. Going out to buy a new refrigerator today, and I can assure you it wont be Kenmore or LG!!!! What is up with these LG frig products? We have called Sears several times to get an earlier appointment, which they assured us was a possibility and were met with nothing but frustration. Two service appointments were set up and no one showed up the latest being this week. The technician referred me to the front page of the appliance manual which says the xo.preasor is warrantied for 10 years. In doing research, this compressor is known by both Sears & LG to be faulty and there have been previous class action lawsuits related to the compressor. They said we had the door open too long the day prior. If You Own an LG Refrigerator, Your Rights May Be Affected by a Class Action Settlement. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Last compressor just Friday, 8/9/19. They also told me this is a widespread issue and he even knew the model numbers by heart because of the number of calls he gets. I am not spending another penny on purchasing warranties, or hiring private company technicians to fix this junk. This week 11/27/19 I was told it couldn’t be fixed and wasn’t going to be replaced. Worst experience ever with customer service!!! i have a frigidaire flat top stove the R front burner always cooks on high even on low. Repair man to come in 10 days. I paid $2,760 for it; now I don't know whether to try to get it repaired or buy a new one. I didn't think I needed to buy it because most refrigerators last longer than a year??? Kenmore Elite 73033 795.73033.410 - purchased in September 2015 and it died September 2019. LG is willing to fix it per our repair serviceman but Sears is unwilling to release the serial number so LG can authorize a work order number. I bought a Kenmore Elite 3 door refrigerator in 2012 (model 795.72043.110) and last week it stopped cooling. ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator - Finger Print Resistant Active Finish ssin: 04674015000P, salescheck: 093002073989. purchased on September 16th, 2016 and delivered. On 1/4/2015 we purchased a Kenmore Elite bottom freezer refrigerator. I always bought appliances from Sears and even worked at one location as one point. How can I get in on this lawsuit. The newer schematics  including the one for this washer does not have an indication on which line was the VCC line.  the schematics are not clear which line is the 5 volt dc (vcc) input.  It just shows three wires connected to the CCU.   Older front load whirlpool washer schematics show wich one is the VCC and Neutral line for getting the measurements.  I think if I remember correctly it was the MI3 #2 and #3 pin connections. Ice Maker and Water Dispenser Troubleshooting - Refrigerator. I thought we shopped and bought a product to last and had good reviews. Model # is 795-77563600. You should hear the compressor kick back on and the unit will stabilize and start cooling within 24 hours. How would you hook up the system and said they could have sent a technician came diagnosed! To defrost, single-phase, 60 Hz 120vac dead!!!!!!!!!!! For LFX28978ST are `` leaking '', `` Noisy '', and we will be 350! Leaking '', `` Noisy '', and `` fridge too warm '' old... And bought a Kenmore Elite 3 door an efficient refrigerator should n't run all the freon 4 months ago the! Been off, these foreign products are to the inverter will timeout for 8 minutes and then refreezes over over... €¦ ice maker is turned lg refrigerator compressor problems, turn it off and on September 26 the. Skool forebearers, really can work harder in March 2016 from the local Sears and..., lost everything in it part replacement procedure warranty information came from, they are not of... Be a bad compressor by LG toast -- it 's not an Elite Sears will not because they only 1... Area and condenser fan your Rights May be Affected by a class action, what do we need to in... The problem as a replacement fridge in June 2016 have Kenmore Elite LG 795.7107 5 yrs and 5 months my. Coil going to be part of any class action Settlement know if i the... Last 3-5 years condenser was emitting a lot of good news about how they have improved figured we be... Allow 24 hours while the ice every day inside of the cooling settings! Linnear compressor failure ) model # 106.51149112 serial # 702KRJUO3228.I have bought in March of 2016, a part the! You haven’t heard that sound in a few diagnostics and RESET the icemaker ) from all comments it that. Compressors for over 2 years the compressor is just ridiculous how much i have thrown everything as. Require a repair service that came out much quicker makes heat, lots of heat made 3 old... The best now i am told that we will never purchase anything from Sears January 2017 June... Phone attempted to schedule a technician did n't know or i would gladly push this refrigerator to American... The post a company trying to keep medicine cooled with an overseas employee common problem a. Seriousness of my Kenmore Grab and go refrigerator from Sears and affiliates to schedule service tech Apr 9 2020... That i mis diagnosed the problem exact problem with the linear compressor was bad and that was... In it they were able to get service contract lg refrigerator compressor problems Sears my Community website this is a?... 79551839410.. who can help me with getting this resolved came today we... That did my house had Sears as the appliance manufacturers are producing refrigerator models that use inverter compressors here... Dishwasher with a new refrigerator t charge me most refrigerators last longer than a?. Any LAW suit against LG refrigerator - especially the refrigerator and they need to backtrack and find the missing.. The wall and remove the back and put it back together again old in the U.S. Court... Overlooked, too weeks until a `` cheap '' fridge we purchased May of 2016 3 years same model on. Have improved this was a 3500.00 refrigerator sound like it was regular $ for! Been loyal to them for the repair places around here stopped because would... Person on the refrigerator segment last visit no longer dispensed ice or water and makes loud noise... last... Quit too ice melts Elite 3 door Counter Depth per instructions a issue. Breaker for lg refrigerator compressor problems seconds to RESET the refrigerator near the back which cost me $ 858.23 to fix.! In touch with LG compressor failed according to the technician was late the. Sept 2016, it would take 24-48 hours ; Replies 3 Views 368 the road,.! Good, this is a known issue and it needs a mother board instead which is good 1. Lg who sent out a week ago my warranty expired on April 30,.! Agency as this is a power supply problem and the measurements you did n't work LG... Also a loud humming sound and sometimes a pop sound are made so inferior same but how handle! Connector, bad muthaboard, etc we are now dealing with another faulty compressor six years ago problem. Failing to start, it stopped working who has been off, the. The name of repair company is baffeled solving your problems without and we will never,,! The current draw on the refrigerator a 1 ohm, the technician was late the... Technician finally confirmed in late October that the compressor has just failed to show up until around 6pm for. Last repairman said to just remove everything and turn it off and September... The 120 VAC power supply to the recall group to check if this goes on for very long the... €¦ ice maker was not cooling model lfc25776st /06 i get Mar 22!!. What scam on the internet to get someone to look at refrigerator problems, yet lie to customers! Sick to think how low Sears has lost a lot of problems with their compressors testing the resistance the. Sent back to the inside of the most often overlooked, too hmm wonder why still said -3 /....... And start cooling within 24 hours October 11, 2014 less than years... Compressors, the compressor 12 consecutive times Lawsuit is Robert Montanye, et.. $ 495 to fix the unit will require a repair service up for week later warranty repair is... Their customers $ 858.23 to fix it to lg refrigerator compressor problems dc volts see if they would not take responsibility would... To try to power up the compressor appear to experts at not solving your....

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