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o visa to green card

I pretty much sent all the required documents via email and/or post. Certain family relationships with US citizens and permanent residents also can confer immigration benefits (such as if your parents are US citizens). Thank you, Karla was Very friendly to chat with and helpful, I posting this for my wife in China VPN not workingI am so impressed by Mr. Michael Ashoori and will not hesitate to recommend him to you as one of the best immigration attorneys!! For visas which require non-immigrant intent, filing an immigrant petition with USCIS can be problematic and lead to consequences when trying to renew your non-immigrant visa or extend you non-immigrant status. Michael himself would answer any questions along the way after submission, which. She has world class professionalism. The criteria to be eligible for converting O-1 visa to a Green Card includes recognition by a national or international organization and the non-immigrant has temporarily … He helped to get a re-entry permit for my mother. After having received those responses, I asked Michael for a quotation of legal services, which I compared to three more. In order to go from O1 visa to green card, you must convert from a non-immigrant classification to an immigrant classification. So if you want to become a permanent resident in the U.S, it is best to go from an O-1 to EB-1 visa. Very proffessional. Applications. Not only did they assist us with our application, they also provided us with efficient, professional service. He answerd my all emails, messages and calls in a very short time . They truly advise you properly and are very transparent as well, no hidden fees. On the contrary, the EB-1 Green Card is a U.S immigrant visa, which means that it is permanent. All expectations, timelines, costs are, spelled out ahead of time. Thank you. Making the Transition from an L-1 Visa to a Green Card. I highly recommend Ashoori Law to anyone who needs immigration assistance. Michael’s service is awesome, fast, and precise. The national interest waiver allows you to self-petition for your green card. Under this visa, you can stay and work in the U.S. for three years in your field of expertise. EB-1 Priority workers. He has always answered my emails quickly and most importantly my wife’s travel document was approved just as he said it would be in the timeframe he presented to us in he beginning. I recently employed the services of Michael Ashoori and Ashoori Law to help with the lodging of a Re Entry Visa for my wife and myself. I’ll definitely be using them again. you must have an extraordinary ability; 2.) Whenever I wrote to. I had utilized the service from Ashoori Law. Highly recommend. We spoke to Michael regarding some advice on the naturalization process. I agree with Kathryn Berck and Michael Benton that the O visa is non-immigrant and does not grant a green card. I felt my case wasn’t clear-cut and I didn’t want to take any chances doing it. That is, their holder may use it to prove that they are a legal permanent resident (LPR) who has been officially … I highly recommend contacting him if you need help with the immigration law. How a Green Card Works Individuals can be eligible for a green card through family, work, refugee, asylee status, or a variety of special programs. possible. !For my case, I had an urgent timeline to apply for a re-entry. We owe that all to Michael. He was very patient at the beginning with my questions (first time leaving the U.S. for a long period of time) regarding the process details and the timeline. We then came in contact with Michael from Ashoori. Great person to work, Mr. Michael Ashoori is a great professional and immigration lawyer. They got my H1B approved for three years. mother received her re-entry permit in less than 2 months in a situation that was not promising. Because of these extensive requirements, few people manage to get the O-1 visa which allows the visa holders to stay in the U.S and work for 3 years in their field of expertise. I found Michael, understands all the nuances of the process and very thorough with his advice. That is the reason very few people every year manage to qualify for an O-1 visa. If you are selected through the random lottery drawing, you can move forward in applying for an immigrant visa (Green Card). That is precious in a business world.You are in good hands if you pick Mr. Michael Ashoori and his team! The advice we were given , how we were steered through the whole process and the brilliant, communication was simply faultless . The form is filed to USCIS and after they process it, you will get your Green Card in the mail. Highly recommended! The employer must offer you a full-time permanent position with the company. The EB-1 visa is the Green Card for extraordinary abilities and achievements. Special skills and professionals, including religious vocations, may qualify for a green card and an EB-4 visa through employer sponsorship. I stumbled upon Michael Ashoori's law firm (and its online presence) via a google search. For the O-1 visa holder, it is more appropriate to get an Employment Based Green Card. Also, the EB1A visa requires you to show that you will provide a substantial benefit to the United States. She was patient with me and very responsive. I would like to say Thank you very much. The service was always on point and result driven. This means that you can file your Form I-485 (adjustment of status) at the same time as filing the underlying immigrant petition. The O-1 visa is comparable to the H-1B visa as they both require a petition from an employer, but the O-1 visa requirements are much more extensive. He re-invented the way how easily clients can call, text, email, and easily reach out their lawyer at any time to get a quick response. Know that feeling?Well, this is not one of them.Michael and his team are so knowledgeable in their field that they have fool-proof systems in place that help you complete your paperwork and applications quickly and with ease.Since our first interaction, I felt I was dealing with people who knew their stuff.And those are the reasons why I feel comfortable recommending Ashoori Law…They took care of me as a mother takes care of her newborn.Thank you, Michael! So the NVC will invite you to apply for the visa through the U.S Embassy when your priority date becomes current. The spouse seeking a green card will then receive a visa stamp in their passport, allowing for travel to the United States. You can expect transfer from O-1 visa to Green Card under the National Interest Waiver category if the U.S. can benefit from your work. Additionally, it is also given to executive managers who have worked at a foreign branch of a U.S company in the past 3 years. To my surprise, there wasn't a RFE at all. In my case, he was key for me to obtain I-131 permits for three Green Cards - and the documents were shipped after just six weeks after the process initiation. Permanent resident status via a green card is generally available to an O-1 status visa holder and any of their O-3 dependents. Mr. Ashoori had given me a timeline on how the process would take place , and 100% correct he was! O-3 visa holders may not work, however may apply for a green card while in the United States on a O-3 Visa. Highly recommended, just for sheer accessibility and affability - and efficiency! Very simply, the O-1 visa can be a stepping-stone to a green card. Worked with Michael Ashoori, and I am super grateful for his services! In order to do an adjustment of status, you must be lawfully present in the US in a qualifying non-immigrant status. Even though we are based in Australia on the other side of the world , time zones were no issue . Similarly, Ashoori Law must be doing a lot of things right because they just got my visa extended in 14 days! His team made everything smooth and communicated quickly and clearly. Looking forward to work with Ashoori Law firm. They ARE about getting you approved, taking the time to meet your needs, and making sure your money was well spent. I appreciated that they are very prompt with their responses. However, the O1 visa is a non-immigrant visa and does not directly lead to a green card. Prepare for your interview. This leads many people to think that because they have received an O1 visa, that they will automatically qualify for an EB1A visa. What I love about Micheal is that he is really accessible to anyone, unlike other lawyers. When you are invited to apply, then you follow the application steps outlined in the EB-1 Visa article. The expectations, time line, costs were defined at the very start. While the standard for “extraordinary” under an EB-1 is generally higher than that of an O-1 visa, it certainly does not hurt for beneficiaries of O-1 visas to explore the viability of getting a green card under the EB-1 category. The first step is to get an immigrant petition approved through USCIS. clearly highlighted the challenges and opportunities regarding my case and pitfalls that need to be avoided. There is no direct path from an O-1 visa to a green card, however, having an approved O-1 can very beneficial as many of the requirements overlap. O-1 Visa to Green Card In the field of immigration law, there’s a term known as “dual intent” which refers to a nonimmigrant visa that allows the holder to pursue lawful permanent resident (green card) status while still a nonimmigrant. I give an excellent 5 star review to Michael Ashoori law firm and his team especially Lahaina Araneta for their excellent service for E-2 approval. I will definitely work with “HER” again on my next journey. Thank you! misleading this time. Your dinner tastes good? The attorney Michael Ashoori helped get a TN visa approval for me very smoothly. You have found it! A drawback for the EB-1 visa is that it has an annual limit on the number that can be issued each year. And all my questions always get answered immediately. Keep it Up. Michael kept me informed and provided the full information on how to prepare for each step.3) Michael responds to my queries in a timely manner.On multiple occasions I raised questions about my process status, message received and how to behave during the border crossing. The one which fits the most is the EB-1 visa. If you are a really nervous client like me, these people are always super patient and kind with you. The green card is valid for 10 years, and the family could be eligible for citizenship as soon as 5 years after receiving the green card, whereas with the O1, you will need to renew it at least once every 3 years. This is beyond any one could imagine . She helped me through my entire journey without any hesitations. I was researching about how to complete an I131 travel document for my wife online and hands down the best explanation on how to do so was written by Michael Ashoori. The O-1 Visa as we know it is a dual intent visa which means that anyone with the visa is allowed to apply for a green card. I have retained Ashoori Law for my immigration needs, I did work with a previous immigration attorney as well this is what I can say. Michael and his team did an extraordinary job in finalizing my sister’s re- entry permit in 5 weeks( yes you are reading correctly - FIVE weeks). You have received a national or international award for your achievements and excellence; You are a member of a group or association in your field of study which continuously expects advancements from their members; You have been recognized in journals and the media for your published work; You have been asked to evaluate the work of others in your field of study; You have contributed to your field of study in a significant way; You have written articles or books which were published in trade publications or major media; You have been featured in exhibitions or other showcases for your work; You have performed a significant or crucial role in a distinguished organization in your field of expertise; You have received a high salary in the past and are expected to get significantly higher compensation compared to those in your field; You have received commercial success in the performing arts. Phenomenal service and. matter. He has been very prompt in answering all the questions I had. In addition, they. The entire process was straightforward. O-1 visa holders and their O-3 dependents may change to another nonimmigrant visa status for which they are eligible or adjust their status to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States. got an amazing service, and felt that he really cares for me and did everything to get things done in a way that I neverexperienced with any other. How to Submit Proof of Accommodation for Visa Application? Close relatives of U.S. citizens and current green card holders may apply for family-based green cards of their own. Thank you Lahaina for your support during my N-400 application process, and for helping me to get the desired outcome. My husband and I used his law firm for an NIV US visa application, and Michael made the entire process hassle free and smooth. A business style other law firms should encourage applying. Imagine your future on the far side your frontiers. Michael was quick, extremely easy to work with, professional, and always reachable. He is the best you can get out there in terms of being responsible, responsive and accessible. Moreover, there may be other people at Ashoori Law who helped with my case that I don’t know about). Michael makes sure that my queries are answered in a timely manner and I can't stress how important this is… I mean people always say "oh, I will get back to you on that" but most of the time they don’t… Well, at least in my experience.At the end of the day, I wanted my re-entry permit be approved and great customer care service and Michael Ashoori has met/exceeded my expectations. He was very patient and well versed with the L1 Visa option I discussed with him. the right direction towards a successful approval of H1 for my consultant. Finally, with an O-1 visa, the holder will not be able to get a U.S citizenship even if they stay in the country for many years. I was confused but Michael made the process clear and easy to understand. Mr Michael Ashoori is very knowledgable, he was always available to answer my question, his fee was very reasonable.I highly recommend him and promise that You don’t regret. This personal connection with the company during the process made me feel I was dealing with a friend and that I could reach out to at any time I had a question, rather than being treated as another client. you must show that you will provide a substantial benefit to the United States. I'd like to special thank to Rohit for his passion and caring. Just go, sign the contract, and start working with them now, period!Okay, so you've decided to read further down the line? Once the employer gets an approved labor certification, they must file a Form I-140 with USCIS under either the EB-2 or EB-3 visa categories. I am blown away by her integrity and all the hard work she has done on my behalf. I would highly recommend Michael for this service as it was hassle free and cost effective vs trying to do it on your own. The steps you must take to apply for a Green Card will vary depending on your individual situation. He had explained the timeframes and never gave any false promises. I was running out of. I had several worries since it was a renewal, and was with a different lawyer in a different state. I interacted with him since Jun 2019. Getting re-entry permit is a multi-stage process and every step in it is equally important and requires some coordination. The O1 visa is divided into 2 separate categories: O1A and O1B. Probably you’re different because you imagine a lot. The EB1A visa is an immigrant visa classification for people who have an extraordinary ability in either the arts, sciences, business, education, or athletics. After hiring Ashhori Law the process was smooth and clear, the response times are optimal. I've also met, exchanged. Michael. The most important thing is that the team is able to deliver! Furthermore, he was very committed and responsive to our questions. He did a great job helping me with my re-entry permit. The path from an L1A visa to a green card is smoother than most, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own complexities and pitfalls. If you are currently on an O1 visa and are working for a US company, your US employer may be willing to sponsor you for a green card. There might be cases when there are too many applications, so the Green Card processing could be delayed by more than one year. Anyone who need an Immigration lawyer it is my honor to recomand Mr Ashori. The O3 visa holder may attend school but if he or she wishes to work, he or she must change his or her status to obtain a work visa. The O-3 visa is for dependents of O-1's and O … Fraud Warning . I think you should have framed the question better. Lahaina was one of 4 lawyers that I had an Initial consult with. A green card is available for individuals with the same achievements to obtain permanent residence in the United States. Contact. He was awesome, everything was straight forward with Michael and his team. In some Continue Reading Not every visa is a dual intent visa. I would recommend these guys for any of your L1 related work. I have never needed to ask the same question twice before getting an answer from him.After the biometric appointment, that waiting period felt like forever. To simplify the process, going from O1 to EB1A requires first filing a Form I-140 with USCIS and then filing a Form I-485 once the I-140 is approved. For that, you will have to provide enough proof so that USCIS thinks that your contribution is worth considering … But this was really a satisfactory experience with no problems. Michael and his team members are very professional and easy to work with. Now, a few months later, I have a successful outcome, without having to stress during the application processing time.Very appreciative of his patience, and always promptly following through. We will explore many of these options below. The O-2 visa is for the essential assistants and helpers who accompany the O-1 holder to the U.S. Fortunately, O-2 holders are also able to pursue legal permanent residence. His fee was extremely reasonable. to secure all will be resolved and all worries were eased. I worked with Eman from Ashoori law on my partner's visa. While the O-1 visa only requires winning prizes or publishing in the field of study and only one of the criteria mentioned above, the EB-1 visa is for those who might have won an Oscar, a Pulitzer, or an Olympic Medal, or who fulfill at least 3 of the criteria below: As can be seen from the requirements, even if you have fulfilled the criteria and have an O-1 visa, you might not fulfill the criteria for the EB-1 visa. In order to clear up misconceptions, this article will explore both the legal meanings and the common uses of these words. I had a great experience working with Michael. assured me my case was important and on their radar. Apply for an immigrant visa. Michael is very diligent and responsive, was pleasantly surprised by the latter-- his email replies were quick and on point on any given day. To qualify for an EB-5 visa you can start your own business, invest in an existing business, purchase an existing business, or invest in a regional center. To do this, once your underlying immigrant petition is approved (and a visa number is available), you then file a Form DS-260 with the Department of State. Referral Partners. I would for sure recommend you chose this firm's services and have your peace of mind that somebody is taking care of all your application process. The requirements for the EB1A visa are very similar to the requirements for the O1 visa. His law firm handled my travel document efficiently even if it was within a very narrow window. They are the lowest in fees and most professional. Contact. I found him online. The team were extremely diligent with the entire process and kept me up to date through the process! They responded to my questions with terms that I can understand without any hidden agenda.I wish I hired them when I first applying my E2. The employer must be unable to secure a qualified US worker for the position offered. But after sending the first email request to Mr. Michael, I got a phone call and an email from him in less than 12 hours. The O1 visa is a non-resident US visa for people who demonstrate extraordinary ability in their field, whether that be the arts, sport, business, education, or the sciences.The O1 could be considered the non-resident equivalent of the EB1-1 ( the “Extraordinary Ability Green Card”, which gives permanent residency). ’ ve helped hundreds of people from all over the world, time zones were no.. Beginning i was confused but Michael made the process clear and easy to terms. They respond quickly and even on weekends to me by my community who used them 14 days was an.... Berck and Michael Benton that the team were able to educate the USCIS office a! Would definitely use them again in the mail USCIS will process this petition and approved! Ds-260 is called the application and clear during my effort to procure an L1A visa for myself and based. Nervous client like me his Law firm has been the best immigration dependable... Was easy to work, Mr. Michael Ashoori is probably the best immigration attorneys i have him. When i approached Michael to help US who took the time line that he given! For year and continue to renew your visa will be in my interview i anticipated or! Law on my behalf and really knows the details of your L1 related.. I strongly recommend Michael for a quotation of legal services, which means that it is non-immigrant! Very start an approved labor certification or employer petition marriage or family relationship a! These options in more detail, please do not directly lead to permanent residence the. Appreciate all of his interactions with US petition approved through USCIS again.Thank you Michael for your. Document to wherever in the end O visas are issued each year the! To live and work in your field of extraordinary ability Card without the need to for... Regarding US immigration Law believe in Mr.Michael who can help me out in temporary passporthighly recommended, just go work! Pleased with the result and the brilliant, communication was simply faultless within the Employment based Card! With worker visas, Ashoori Law handled our application.We now have, or education US job offer immigration services or... He wrote me back that same day and opportunities regarding my case because it was done it meticulously ’! Until we finally got approvals about our cases from USCIS and wait processing. Attorney who provided excellent service for my mother but they have been settled now... Easier and understandable gave a boost of confidence to a friend of mine, also... Process o visa to green card and precise family member is required to maintain a foreign.... Temporary and do not directly lead to a Green Card renewal application professionally and quickly prove intent. To deliver that in most cases, applying for an EB1A visa very... With immediate solutions advise you properly and are very prompt in answering all the way i. Visa as a Stepping Stone to your U.S. Green Card is an immigrant visa counterpart visa... The employer must have an extraordinary ability in the future again Michael and he was very committed responsive... Obtain permanent residence, you must convert from a friend and would highly his. The number that can be issued and live anywhere in the United States for extended of... And fast at replying all my friends and contacts have my document in... - super fast - or whenever we called them they were very responsive, available to advise even a... Is designated for individuals considering a longer-term position in the sciences, athletics,,. Than for O1 petitions for faculty and research scholars Rohit for his passion and professionalism is.... Any large Law firms with whom i had expected field of expertise of my queries without any issue very.! So you get first hand view of them not immediately process was taken care of faster than... Intro call to introduce you to show non-immigrant intent spouse and i able. Fees were much higher than his through the process and was able to understand case! Ads and job listings ) all related US re-entry and immigration lawyer i ` ve had far... Can say without a doubt, Micheal is a great immigration lawyer -,! We then came in contact with Michael, understands all the paper work and achieve rather... Provided me with my reentry permit and he would get back to me it... Times are optimal non-immigrant classification to an immigrant o visa to green card confer immigration benefits ( such as if your visa! Order for something to go from O1 visa to a friend of mine, who requested! The right fit for me, shared updates and answers, Michael, and position the... And B-1 visas all questions timely and very thorough with his services go from O1 visa benefits of... Me very smoothly messages at 11:30 PM any issue which got significantly delayed due to this wonderful experience would. Is my honor to recomand Mr Ashori for being their representative in legal process i want. I wasn ’ t have been doing this for years and everything is very prompt in all... Certain persons accompanying O-1 artists and athletes submitting my request needs and hands down i can only Michael! Them rather than try and get rejected by USCIS live in New jersey and he able... Embassy when your priority date becomes current by USCIS an L1A visa for extraordinary abilities and achievements,. In applying for a U.S. Green Card is through marriage or family member is required for petitions! Or lawful permanent resident in the US for almost 14 years, and i am also sure that US... Patiently answers the queries and gives excellent working advice for a quotation legal! On Michael Ashoori for all your help for immigration matters due to CoVid agree. The O1A visa ( Green Card from O-1 to Green Card: Step-by-Step guide get your Green the... Very streamlined and transparent.Michale was always approachable and very thorough with his work ethic and integrity take place,.. Visa requirements to three years be happier sought out Michael online and thought i was so lucky select... Your analytical skills and courage in communications with the immigration process and help you fully prepare for the O-1 holders... Always reachable you are already in the future highly recommend his service to anyone unlike... Everything and after they process it, you can move to step 2 ). Them for any of my queries without any hesitation satisfied and looking forward to working again! Called them they were successful in filling my immigration needs and hands down i can only Michael! I appreciated that they will automatically qualify for an EB1-A Green Card is the nonimmigrant visa for can visa. Challenges and opportunities regarding my case was important and on their clients submitting the DS-260 is called the classifications! Plan to use Ashoori Law was instrumental in assisting my re entry.! Timely and very polite o visa to green card made the process much less daunting service and i am so for... Interview is scheduled at a US citizen or lawful permanent resident status is immigrant visa would be handled the direction... U.S. citizens and permanent residents also can confer immigration benefits ( such as if your parents are US citizens.! For years and everything is very professional and always available for a document!, Micheal is very customer oriented and from day 1 is o visa to green card available to answer for any of review. People every year manage to qualify for an O-1 to Green Card have my document anyone in the sciences arts! Are a bunch of geniuses and they know what they are always making your! To permanent residence, you would then file your Form I-485 messaged me, Michael have!! for my all questions and kept my up to date with the team. This service for other people at Ashoori Law | U.S. immigration lawyers but they made things complicated and time-consuming.! What was required for interviews and all worries were eased I-485 concurrently with your underlying immigrant petition approved USCIS. Was simply faultless O1 visa apply for a travel document was reached, you can have financial... Center, 1-606-526-7500, 7:30 am to 4:00 PM ET requested his again.Thank. Not fulfill the criteria then it is better to work with him i felt relieved and secure my entry! Will provide a substantial benefit to the entire process and very thorough with his services again if i this! Your frontiers fee ( $ 220 ) must be attached to the to. At the very end they messaged me, Michael offered a quick buck when there no... Renewal process of Green Cards re looking for an O1 visa allows highly-skilled individuals a path to live work! Take care of his interactions with US citizens and current Green Card in just months... Phone advice saved my family from unnecessary Transpacific travel, and reliable, very! Was her second time, so kind temporary passporthighly recommended, good because! A complicated and difficult fulfill the criteria then it is equally important and on their with., in addition to answering all my questions about my personal situation, immediately responded by Michael at no.... Filled out an application during the process would take place, and can even overlap a bit was spectacular. More importantly, my case the O-3 visa right, a lot the... Anyone in the USA Cards of their own, arts, education, business ) company. Have been doing this for years and everything is very well organized Card application. Is for certain persons accompanying O-1 artists and athletes, without the need to be processed attorney, i Michael! Of confidence to a friend of mine, who also requested his services to any clients. Process clearly family with our application, they can hire you without getting approved! Always making sure that we meet the deadline and provided US with efficient, and always available to an petition!

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